Pollution Source Automatic Monitoring System Operation Projects entrusted by Beijing Drainage Group Co., Ltd.

    Since 2011, our company has been operating the online monitoring equipment of Beijing Drainage Group; In September 2015, our company won the bidding of projects of operation maintaining and purchasing of online monitoring station automatic monitoring equipment of Beijing Drainage Group from 2015-2017.

    Operation and maintenance scopes: Beixiaohe Factory, Jiuxianqiao Factory, Qinghe Factory, Wujiacun Factory, Xiaohongmen Factory and Lugouqiao Factory.

    For the normal operation of online monitoring station, it is necessary to maintain it periodically to ensure the normal operation of equipment and the stabilization and reliability of data. There are 15 automatic monitoring equipment stations need to be maintained.

    Maintenance Contents: maintain the pretreatment part to be clean and its treatment effect is normal; replace damageable spare part of pretreatment periodically to ensure normal operation; periodically maintain all kinds of automatic control valves to ensure normal operation; periodically prepare and change reagent; periodically replace damageable spare part; clean instrument pipeline, valve and other spare parts accessible to water sample and reagent; periodically conduct calibration, audit, comparison and performance test to instrument.


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