Overview of Monitoring Center and Pollution Source Monitoring System in Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province

     The construction of environmental online automatic monitoring system and information comprehensive platform of Jiujiang (hereinafter referred to as Jiujiang Project) adopts standard BOT mode and includes environmental command demonstration center, exploitation of Jiujiang environmental information comprehensive platform software and environmental monitoring center (Jiujiang water quality and smoke online monitoring system). The total investment about RMB 30 million in its early stage were allocated by Jiujiang finance, disbursed from cost and expanses of Jiujiang environmental protection agency sewage charge, which was a major fundamental construction project of Jiujiang in 2006 and an integral part of “digital Jiujiang” in Jiujiang.

    In June 2006, Yiwen Company took the lead to bid the construction of pollution source automatic monitoring system of Jiujiang and won the bidding. In order to better implement and manage the Jiujiang project and provide local service to the construction and operation of environmental automatic monitoring system in Jiangxi, the system ran normally and provided a large number of objective and fair, real time and accurate environmental information for government, enterprise and the public during operation. Meanwhile, it also provided rich valuable experiences for us to better operate pollution source online monitoring.

    With innovative pattern, Jiujiang project, initiated by our company, is a kind of standard BOT mode aiming at environmental online monitoring system. Suggestions, like using sewage charge of three years for once, constructing environmental monitoring center, developing Jiujiang environmental information comprehensive platform software, constructing Jiujiang water quality and smoke online monitoring system, were put forward and passed. Government does not need to invest in once, which alleviates the financial pressure of government effectively.

    Six uniform principles: unified planning, unified model selection, unified platform, unified standard, unified construction and unified management. General contractor contracts to build the project according to the principle of single and unified product model and purchases and constructs in unified way. Under the unified principle, multiple operation disputes can be avoided and responsibility is clear, thus to ensure the quality and service.

    Third party professional operation is a kind of operation and management mode for online monitoring and control system in area under administration entrusted by environmental protection administration to professional company engaging in environmental technological service. Operator is responsible for environmental protection administration. Meanwhile, environmental protection administration should pay attention to public administration, supervision, monitoring and industrial instruction.

    With large coverage, Jiujiang Project is the first project contracted by a single company. The project includes the construction of online monitoring equipment, monitoring center and platform, unified standard operation and so on, which demonstrates powerful ability of Yiwen in design, construction, integration, operation and investment.    

Professional operation of system:

     Third professional operation was adopted after the completion of system with operation period of five years from January 1, 2006 to December 31, 2011. After the expiration, municipal environmental protection administration shall decide whether to renew the contract or change operation unit and operation fees were disbursed from the sewage charge of municipal financial administration. Main contents of operation: communication transmission of all sub-systems; supply and change of agentia and standard gas for all sub-systems; supply and replacement of consumables for all sub-systems; routine maintenance of all sub-systems; trouble shooting and spare parts supply of all sub-systems’ software; annual inspection and spot check of all sub-systems; normal upgrading maintenance of all sub-systems’ software and monitoring center as well as the hardware and software of demonstration hall; construction of all sub-systems’ operation file and so on.

    Our company put forward a series of solutions for jiujiang Project, like stage construction, acceptance inspection and the third party professional operation management, which have been widely acknowledged by Jiujiang government, environmental protection administration and industries. The equipment features good stability, reliable system and accurate monitoring data. Leaders of Jiujiang environmental protection administration commented that there were 10 companies accepting the bid during the bidding of Jiujiang Project, five of which adopt products from Yiwen Company, accounting for 50%, which shows the affirmation by professional people to the quality of Yiwen product and the strength of the enterprise.

    The excellent quality, stable system and accurate monitoring data of Yiwen’s products also can be proved by the speed, quality and comparison monitoring data of project construction, which conform to the design requirements of Jiujiang project in all ways.

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