Overview of Automatic Monitoring System in henan Province

     Department of Environmental Protection of Henan Province and environmental protection agencies of cities under the jurisdiction of Henan Province are entrusted by pollutant discharging unit to jointly organize procurement and construct and implement water quality automatic monitoring system. This project, as an important measure to construct and improve environmental monitoring network, enhance environmental supervision ability, has enhanced the ability of pollution source supervision monitoring. A pollution source monitoring network has been established; a pollution source monitoring management system has been improved; working mechanism and pollution source monitoring have been strengthened. Pollution discharge of national and provincial key pollution source in Henan can be monitored and emission amount can be accurately evaluated, which provide decision basis and technical support to the control of emission amount and comprehensive prevention of key pollution area, and are of significance to enhance the ability of environmental monitoring management.

     Based on the construction need of Henan water quality monitoring system of pollution source, this project provides newly built, extended and alternative water quality online monitoring equipment, station design, installment debugging, data transmission, five years’ system operation management and operation management of installed equipment for the key pollution source in Henan. To support the Henan pollution source project, standing body is set with the principles of nearby setting of personnel, instrument, equipment, spare part and file, efficient service and relatively centralized management.



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