ST-VOCs-1000 Type VOCs Online Monitor


Emission standard of industrial air pollutant defines a specific limit on more than 40 volatile organic compounds like non methane total hydrocarbons, benzene, toluene, xylene, chlorobenzene, and chlorinated alkanes. Real time monitoring of volatile organic compound is required in rubber mixing and outlet of vulcanizing plant in enterprise producing tire and other rubber goods, cooling barrel and tar storage tank and warehouse area of coking chemical enterprises as well as workshop and exhaust funnel area of steelmaking and battery industrial enterprises.


Base on the GC-FID principle, its lower limit of detection reduces by 10-20 times compared to MOS sensor product. Moreover, it adopts back flushing design of chromatographic column, which can make the gas flow back and discharge quickly the components that are not required for test after separating components that need to be tested in the gas sample entering in the chromatographic column. So the analysis speed is accelerated and the service life of the chromatographic column is also prolonged.


1.After every sample injection, the analyzer will automatically blow the quantitative loop and conduct back flushing to the chromatographic column, which will discharge components that are not required for test out of the system reversely and shorten the analysis period effectively;

2.Gas pipeline processed by Silcosteel® has been used to greatly reduce the air sample residual attached to the tube wall;

3.Intellectual FID detector with warning function of flameout and autoignition can control the hydrogen flame gas line safely and validly;

4.Analyzer that supports multi-detector equipment can analyze the sample continually and enhance the analysis ability of complex samples;

5.Support TCP/IP network to remotely control the analyzer, and also can operate the meter on site through the touch screen;

6.Equipment cabinet with flameproof meter can be optionally equipped, which is suitable for the installation requirement in anti-explosion site.


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