Small-size Online Automatic Monitor of Ammonia Nitrogen


The ammonia nitrogen (NH3-N) in the water refers to the nitrogen existing as free ammonia (i.e. nonionic ammonia, NH3) or ammonium salt (NH4+), which is represented by mg/L. Ammonia nitrogen in the water is produced mainly from the decomposed product of nitrogenous organic compound in the sanitary sewage under the action of microorganism, industrial wastewater like coking synthesis ammonia and the farmland drainage. When the content of ammonia nitrogen is high, the water is toxic to fishes, as well as to human in different levels. Test of the ammonia nitrogen content is helpful for the assessment of water pollution and “self-urification” condition. Thus, ammonia nitrogen is one of the important indicators of water pollution.



Inlet and outlet of municipal wastewater and industrial wastewater; surface water;




     1. Automatic device specified in industrial standard of environment protection (HJ 535-2009), which keeps good correlation with manual operation analysis;

    2. Conform to parameters specified in Technical Requirement for Automatic Analyzer of Ammonia Nitrogen Water Quality HJ/T101-2015(in trial);

    3. Has very broad measurement range (0-200) mg/L;

    4. Power-off protection is designed to prevent the apparatus from damage and data records from losing;

    5. Intelligent design of fault self-diagnosis makes it convenient for apparatus management and maintenance;

    6. Sampling mode can be set as timing sampling;

    7. With little reagent, its operating cost is low;

    8. Complete interface design and supporting software are convenient for its connection with flow meter, control system and the central monitoring computer for receiving the telecommand.



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