EST-2001B Type CODCr Online Automatic Monitor


COD refers to, under a certain condition, the correspondent mass concentration of oxygen needed in the process of potassium dichromate consumption by the reducible substance oxidized by strong oxidant potassium dichromate in the water, which is represented by mg/L of oxygen. COD can represent the pollution level of the water that is polluted by reducible substances, which involve organics, nitrite, ferrite and sulfide, and so on.

Application Fields

Inlet and outlet of municipal wastewater and industrial wastewater.

Characters of the apparatus

    1. It has passed the certification of China Environment Industry Association, so the testing data have statutory force.

   2. It has very broad testing range (5mg/L~10,000mg/L), and different measurement ranges in the certain range can be switched over automatically.

   3. It has strong immunity from chloridion interference and can directly test the water sample with 10,000mg/L chlorine ion.

   4. The novel electric heating design can make sure of high oxygenation efficiency and long service life.

   5. The power-off protection is designed to prevent the apparatus.

   6. Complete interface design and supporting software are convenient for its connection with flow gauge, control system and the central monitoring computer.

   7. Intelligent design of fault self-diagnosis makes it convenient for apparatus management and maintenance.

   8. Sampling mode is optional for timing sampling or equal proportion sampling.

   9. This apparatus possesses strong expandability, which makes it can even set the water quality analysis of four sampling points. It is convenient for controlling the wastewater treatment process.

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