Yiwen, together with Huajian Group, is intended to take the lead to invest RMB 10 billion for environmental protection and related projects

release time:2016-11-10 11:13:22
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Recently, Meizhou Investment and Economic Cooperation Bureau and Small and Medium-sized Private Enterprises Association of Guangzhou Development Zone signed a Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with total investment of RMB 20 billion. The agreement involves health regimen, leisure travel, cultural theater, environmental protection and other diversified projects, aiming at accelerating the “one zone two belts” development new pattern of the construction of Meizhou City, and boosting the development of Meizhou City.

As a leading enterprise in the environmental protection industry of Guangzhou Development Zone, Yiwen has formed a strategic alliance with the Huajian Group affiliated to Guangsheng Group and initiates the investment to environmental protection and related projects in the agreement with total amount up to RMB 9.7 billion for project involved.

The signing of this agreement has further accelerated the reinforcement of the "Yiwen" PPP project layout, and affirmed the leadership of "Yiwen" in the environmental protection industry once again. "Yiwen" will take this as an opportunity to continue to research and apply the environmental monitoring technology, remote monitoring technology, sewage treatment and control technology that is suitable for national conditions based on the focused attitude, innovative technology and people-oriented spirit, providing more high-quality products and professional services for the majority of users and making its own contribution to China's water environmental protection.



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